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The Amish practice shunning – ignoring, turning away from, avoiding. When a person is disciplined by the community, relationships are severed between parents and children, or brother and sister, or even husbands and wives. Because the Amish are so isolated from those outside their faith, and their economic well-being is directly related to their involvement in the community, this is an especially cruel punishment. It effectively condemns the shunned to a life of lone deprivation. The person is isolated.

Early Quakers disfellowshiped people for participating in questionable practices. They disowned or "read out of meeting" people who broke such rules as participation in war, playing or owning a musical instrument, attending the theater or a circus, or taking part in the slave trade.

(From a sermon by Bobby Scobey, If the Church Became Unchristian # 6 - Personal Exploring vs Uniformity, 6/22/2010)

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