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In the town of Delburne, Alberta, there was an old water tower built in 1926. Standing empty, the building was bought by two men who wanted to turn it into a dining and cocktail lounge. Plans called for a bar to be built on the second floor.

Something similar has already happened in various communities: that which was originally designed to provide the water of life has been "converted" into that which is providing resources detrimental to society.

Schools were once thought of as sources of moral and spiritual benefit. In some cases they now are fountains of agnosticism and atheism. Even churches, built to convey to men and women the water of life, are now the providers of everything but the Gospel.

(From a sermon by Bobby Scobey, If the Church Became Unchristian # 6 - Personal Exploring vs Uniformity, 6/22/2010)

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