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A preacher was addressing his congregation when he held up a large piece of paper. He then took from his pocket a marker pen and made a black dot in the centre of it. Then he held the paper up before the people and asked them what they saw.

One person quickly replied, "I see a black mark."

"Right," the preacher replied. "What else do you see?"

Complete silence prevailed. "Don't you see anything other than the dot?" he asked.

A chorus of no's came from the audience.

"I'm really surprised," the preacher commented. "You have completely overlooked the most important thing of all--the sheet of paper."

"He said that in life we are often distracted by small, dot-like disappointments or painful experiences, and we are prone to forget the innumerable blessings we receive from the hand of the Lord".

But like the sheet of paper, the good things are far more important than the adversities that monopolize our attention.

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