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An English postal worker was in charge of letters inadequately addressed. One Christmas season he discovered a card from his own daughter to Santa. It said, "We're very sad at our house this year. My little brother went to heaven last week. You needn't leave me anything. But if you could give Daddy something that would make him stop crying, I wish you would. I heard him say to Mommy that only eternity can cure him. Could you send him some of that?"

So God sent His Son; only He can cure us. Because of Jesus we have not been banished from God forever. The loss is not permanent; the separation need not last forever. WE MAY HAVE LOST THE GARDEN BUT WE HAVE GAINED A HOME. Jesus, in fact, has gone to prepare it for us. Peter wrote (1 Pt. 3:18), "Christ...never sinned, but he died for sinners that he might bring us safely home to God."

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