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For about 14 years, I have been teaching AWANA. I teach each of our three division, beginning with a puppet skit and then a flannel graph lesson with felt figures. I taught the Christmas Story to the Sparks, K-2nd grade, then I moved everything into the auditorium to teach the Flames (grades 3-6); but when it came time to put Jesus into the manger, he was missing.

We searched for Jesus and could not find him. My wife Marylu finally suggested I look behind the scenery; there was baby Jesus on the back side of the door. So I had to go with the flow. This year, baby Jesus crawled away outside and the shepherds brought him back in! I can also say that my wife, Marylu, helped me to find Jesus!

Some Christmas seasons, it is easy to lose Jesus. We forget what the season is about. We forget that we owe our all to Him Who loved us and washed us from our sins in his own blood. We forget that the one born over 2,000 years ago was a sacrificial lamb.

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