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Consider this there was a story about a little boy who would not stop crying. No matter what his mother did, he would always cry. So one day this lady next door after hearing the baby cry thought she knew the answer to the problem and assured the mother that she could stop her son from crying.

So, the mother took him to the neighbor kicking and crying. The neighbor tried many of her "stop the child from crying" methods but to no avail the neighbor couldn't get this baby to stop crying.

Finally, the neighbor asked, "Would you like to eat something?" The child's crying dwindled to a whisper. "Yes Ma'am" he sniffled. "I want some worms."

The neighbor was hopeful so she went into the yard and dug a cupful of baits and brought them to the boy. She said, "Here they are." The boy sniffled, "I want them fried."

Since his sniffles were less and her plan seemed to be working, the neighbor ran into the house and fried the worms. When she presented them the boy said he only wanted one. There was only one sniffle now, so the neighbor picked one worm out of the plate and presented it to the boy. Then the boy sniffed once and said, "I only want half and you eat the other half." The neighbor...

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