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Wayne Cordeiro, a preacher in Honolulu, HI writes:

Some time ago some wonderful people in our church gave Anna, my wife, and me a dinner certificate to a nice restaurant for $100. We thought, Wow, a hundred bucks. Let's go for it.

We found a free evening. We dressed up. I took a bath, used deodorant and cologne--the whole thing. I even washed and waxed my car, because we wanted to take it through the valet, and I didn't want my Ford Pinto to look bad.

The night came, and we were excited. We went to this ritzy restaurant and walked in. They gave us a nice, candlelit table overlooking a lagoon adjacent to a moonlit bay there in Hawaii. Oh, it was nice. And we thought, for a hundred bucks for just the two of us, we could eat high on the hog. So we ordered the most expensive thing there. It was wonderful.

When the bill came, I said, "Honey, why don't you give me the certificate."

She said, "I don't have the certificate. I thought you brought it."

I said, "You have to have it. You're supposed to have it. You're the wife!"

She said, "I don't have it." And I thought, We are in deep yogurt.

Here we are. We look rich, we act...

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