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I have to admit, I dislike washing the laundry, but I detest wearing filthy clothes even more. Okay, truth be told, I don’t usually have to wash the clothes. My wife does most of it, and she does it well. I’m thankful, though, she doesn’t toil in the same manner as our great-grandparents--with a washboard and bar of soap. All this brings up an interesting point: many of us fail to understand what it takes to clean dirty laundry. We toss our clothes in the tub, turn the dial, pour in some soap, and shut the lid. Presto – thirty minutes later or so, our clothes have been cleaned. We sure have it easy, don’t we?

Maybe that’s one reason we sin so much. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve failed to appreciate Jesus and the ways he’s cleaned my dirty laundry. Imagine Jesus standing over a washboard, scrubbing the stink, filth, and stain from our lives. When I think of such things, I become saddened for the ways I’ve continued to soil my life.

How about you? Let me put a challenge. The next time we consider doing something sinful, let’s picture Jesus having to toil and scrub our filth over a washboard.

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