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Reggie McNeal tells the story of one man who decided to bless the baristas at the Starbucks he frequents. When he asked them the question, “How can I ask God to bless you?” they were somewhat taken aback. Slowly but surely, they warmed up to him and the employees started to come over and talk to him and open up their lives to him. He had such a positive response that his small group realized they frequented every Starbucks within a 13-block radius and so they decided to bless the baristas together.

Then one day when this gentleman was in a Starbucks he didn’t normally frequent, he asked the question to the baristas as he was handed his coffee, whereupon she pulled back the coffee and asked, "Are you one of those blessing people?"

Yes! We are a blessing people who seek to bless others in both word and action, planting seeds of the kingdom that we might attain a harvest for the kingdom of God

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