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Myah Hope was given the news that she was pregnant. Like most mothers to be, she dreamed of what giving birth to a child and raising them would be like.

But when she was 19 weeks pregnant, she was told that something was wrong with her baby's head. The doctor said that she had no brain. She was told that she could safely continue the pregnancy and allow her to die naturally, or induce labor and terminate the pregnancy.

She chose to carry her baby to term for one simple reason: love. In her eyes there was no decision to be made. She had nothing but love and high hopes for her. She named her Faith Hope and cherished every moment of the pregnancy! She savored every kick and turn inside my growing belly. For five months they hoped and prayed.

Then to everyone's surprise, she was blessed with 3 months and 4 days with Faith before she went to Heaven. She writes, "She was the sweetest little girl... so beautiful and so full of life. I feel so privileged to be her mother." The doctors said that Faith's condition was 'incompatible with life,' that she would likely not survive for more than a few seconds or minutes after birth, and that she could never achieve consciousness. They didn't understand how she was thriving for all those weeks... how she was smiling, cooing, crying, eating, breathing on her own, resisting infection, and responding to her surroundings. 'With men this is impossible; with God all things are possible.'"

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