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David Frum, one of President George W. Bush’s speechwriters, wrote in his book The Right Man that when he drove home on the evening of September 11, 2001 after the tragic attack on our nation by Muslim terrorists that something grew within him. He wrote that a sudden sense of American ownership gripped him as never before. He said that suddenly the F-16s flying overhead were his jets. The empty streets in Washington were his streets. The burning Twin Towers in New York were his towers. The smoldering Pentagon was his Pentagon. He said that when he got home his wife and children ran and embraced him almost in desperation. They were his family. On that night they piled up pillows and sleeping bags and all of them slept in the living room to be together. (pp. 129-130)

It is amazing to see what an attack from the outside will do to a nation, to a country, to a family, but especially to a father...

(From a sermon by Philip Harrelson, Fathers Bearing Arks, 8/6/2010)

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