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It’s said that when Henry Ward Beecher was a boy, he had a teacher at school who asked one of the boys in class a question which the boy answered. The teacher became angry and told the boy he was wrong and commanded him to: "Sit down!" The boy was obviously confused because he’d thought he’d answered correctly, but he sat abruptly down.

Several boys were asked the same question, they gave the same answer and promptly rebuked by their teacher. Finally Beecher was asked to stand and answer the question. He gave the same answer and was commanded "Sit down!" But Beecher held his ground and insisted that the answer was correct.

For a few moments the teacher stormed at him, but seeing Beecher wasn’t going to give up he smiled and said,

"Well, boys, you were all correct, but Beecher was the only one sure enough to stand up for it.”

Many people have lost their faith in...

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