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Jesus was Jewish. He celebrated the Passover every year that He was on this earth. He is also clearly pictured in all the symbols of Passover and in the message of Passover itself.

Wine: used various times during the meal (Cup of blessing, Cup of Plagues, Cup of Redemption, Cup of Elijah, Cup of Praise)

Matzoh: flat unleavened bread to remind them of the necessary haste in preparing for the Passover. The bread is pierced and striped (Psalm 22:16; Isaiah 53:5)

Chazaret: Horseradish to remind them of the bitterness of Egyptian bondage

Karpas: Bitter herbs (parsley, celery, or potatoes) dipped in salt water to remind them of the tears of the Israelites

Charloset: a sweet brown mixture of apples, walnuts, honey, & grape juice to remind them of the mortar used by the Isrealite slaves to build the storehouses of Egypt

Zeroa: a roasted lamb or chicken bone to symbolize the Passover lamb whose blood saved those who obeyed

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