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There once was a brier growing in a ditch when a gardener came along with his spade and dug it up. He dug around it and gently lifted it out of the ground, bringing the brier to ask itself, "What is he doing? Doesn’t he know I’m a worthless brier?"

But the gardener took it and placed it in his garden anyway. He planted it among his most prized and beautiful roses, prompting the brier to think once more, "What is this guy doing? What a mistake he’s made."

But then the gardener did an even more unusual thing in the brier’s mind. He came once more and made a slit in the brier with his knife. He grafted it with a rose and when the summer came to close there were lovely flowers blooming from the brier that previously had none. Then the gardener said, "Your beauty is not due to what came out of you, but to what I put in."

Our beauty in Christ is not the result of what we do or who we are. We’re nothing but a bunch of weeds. Our beauty comes because He transforms us!

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