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If you were to Google the phrase "Christians are known for" what do you think the results would be? What are people who call themselves followers of Christ known for... whether good or bad?

The following are some of the results you would find:

... being trustworthy and honest and having high levels of integrity

... building governments based on fairness

... respect for others and tolerance

... their intolerance of non-Christians and other religions

... their high level of integrity, their moral character

... their homophobic views toward anything remotely gay

... their gratitude and thankfulness

... their hatred, not the good and love they claim to practice

... what they are against, not what they are for

... denying birth control to families in the so called 'third world', resulting in hungry, unwanted babies

... replacing science with superstitions in the schools

... looking for trouble in the hopes of controlling others

... their love of others and towards God

If you think about that list you will see some things that are quite contradictory. You will see items that are fortunately true, unfortunately true, and items that are false. What I hope you see is that the simple question of: "what are Christians known for" is not an easy question to answer.

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