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[Prodigal Brings Christ Home, Citation: J. Granger, Sons: A Father’s Love (Word, 1999), quoted in Men of Integrity, Vol. 3, no. 2]

My son called.

Through years of drug abuse, Scott had stolen from our family, manipulated us, and failed us.

It had been a relief not to hear from him for two years.

Scott told me he’d been through a rehabilitation program a year and a half ago that provided something no other had offered.

"I met Jesus Christ. I’ve been forgiven for my past. I want to ask you and Mom to forgive me, too."

He said he was now helping other addicts get straightened out.

I was torn between hope and cynicism.

The well-groomed, bright-eyed young man who arrived at the airport looked like a stranger.

In the days that followed, Scott told how, in the midst of drug withdrawal, he’d seen a vision of Jesus Christ on the cross and cried out to him for help.

His withdrawal...

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