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Last Sunday night I preached in a town called San Miguel. It was known for witch doctors and demonic things going on. We had a constant string of problems happening one after another. The church was crowded with every seat taken and faces looking through the back doors and all the windows. We had constant sound problems with the sound system as well as people outside playing loud music seemingly to drown out the service.

One beautiful thing happened early in the service when a group of 7-10 year old girls were doing a beautiful dance before the congregation. My interpreter began to explain the song: "You are so the eyes of your heavenly Father, you are beautiful...the color of your skin and the texture of your hair are beautiful to Him...He made you...just like you are beautiful to Him."

Then the sound went out, and the girls stopped for a moment confused. After about ten seconds and still no success fixing the sound, something neat happened. I hear the song again, but this time the congregation was singing it for the girls, and they began to dance again. They finished and it left an amazing feeling in the room.

How beautiful to walk in victory together through our trials and tribulations, to continue to dance to the songs of encouragement and the prayers of others who stand with. God loves that and wants to see that in the Body of Christ.

When trials come, stand faithful, stand together stand in victory.

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