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The other day I needed to take my mind off things, so I opened my computer and played a game of hearts. Now, like all card games, no matter how diligent you play, there's time when the unexpected happens, and you're hand turns to disaster. One sneaky move from an opponent and it's game over. However, like life, there are times when grace intercedes, giving us opportunity to play the perfect hand, and win the game.

I tried early on to play the perfect hand -- something called "shooting the moon;" but one opponent caught me off guard and, and my hand suffered incredibly. From that point, things didn't go quite the way I had hoped. In my frustration, I started to groan and fuss; and to be honest, I was ready to quit. Still, I decided not to give in.

I hoped my putrid game would find redemption. Just when I thought my chances of winning were six feet under, I came from behind, "shot the moon," and won the game. I thought, "You know,this silly game reiterated a good, life-lesson

There's times when it seems like we've been dealt the perfect hand; but then something happens that unexpectedly that sets us way back. Then, there's those times when we're seemingly dealt one crummy hand after another. It's in times like both of these when there's really not much we can do but groan with deep frustration in prayer, and place our hope in in God that he'll turn our groans to glory.

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