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I was raised on a tobacco farm and when Dad would ask me to do some chores while he was gone.... it was for my best interest and the seat of my pants that I did it.

But when I finished it and did the very best I could to please my Dad there was a great satisfaction in seeing his face and hearing him say...well done. But, there were many times I failed my Dad in doing what he ask me to do.

There were times when he would finish the job himself and that would grieve my heart to know I hurt my Dad in my disobedience and neglect.

God used some great men down through the history of the Old Testament to get things done for Him, but men would fail many times.

But when it came to paying for our sins....when it came to paying a price for our disobedience and neglect....Jesus came to do it Himself.....not only did He endure to the end but He said "it was finished"...paid in full ...tetelestai

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