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We all know the story; the bad guys, lead by Ugly Nasty have robbed the bank, the savings of the people of Rattlesnake Gulch have been taken to the abandoned mine. But before Jake and his henchmen left they abducted the school teacher, (the stunningly beautiful, even in black and white), Jasmine Flower as she was walking a group of children and their pets past the Bank.

Now it’s up to the Sheriff Ruggedly Handsome Powerful, played by John Wayne or someone who looks like him, to get the money and save the girl. But there’s a problem, Sheriff Powerful was shot in his fast-drawing gun arm as the bandits made their escape, but it was a flesh wound, so casting the sling aside he leaps out the second floor window onto his trusty steed George Trigger The-Horse, and takes off in hot pursuit…

As the story draws to a close we see the Lovely Jasmine and Sheriff Powerful ride off on their honeymoon as Ugly and his fellow banditos wearing grey overalls with black arrows pointing up snarl at them through the bars of the county jail, while being...

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