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USA Today had an article on the front page about those who escaped the World Trade Center on September 11. After interviewing over 300 survivors and family members of victims, USA Today concluded that in the South tower those who didn’t delay but ran for safety immediately are the ones who survived. Those who delayed are the ones who perished. It occurred to me that the spiritual life is much the same, that those who delay and put off a commitment to Jesus Christ often wait until it’s too late.

USA Today also noted that people lived or died in the towers by groups, influenced to stay or go by the people around them. The same is true in our spirituality, that people are often influenced to seek Christ or to reject Christ by those around them.

If there’s ever a time for courage, it’s in responding to God’s call. Those who didn’t delay and who took a stand are those who survived the World Trade Center. Those who don’t delay and take a stand spiritually are those who respond to God’s calling and are saved.

(From a sermon by Terry Blankenship, Running and Serving With Passion, 5/16/2011)

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