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What is love? This story was found while watching Crime Investigation Channel in our home here in the Philippines:

Kip Kinkel was a troubled young men and at the time of this story I am about to tell you happened when Kep was seventeen. Kip lived with his parents, Faith and Bill Kinkel. He had an older sister named Kristen. On May 21st he killed his parents, shooting his dad in the bedroom and his mother in the garage. Then that morning he went to Thurston High School and fired fifty rounds from various guns and ammunition. He killed two students and wounded thirty-eight students; He was taken into custody. This part is not about Christian love, it is more like pure evil. However, what happens next cannot be described as anything but Christian love.

His sister came to see him, and while she saw him, he just put his head on the table and started crying. She did not see what he had done, she only saw her brother, and she tried to sit on the same chair as he was sitting on, and gave him a hug. She said in an interview with Barbara Walters that she knew he needed a hug and she needed a hug, even in the midst of what he had done.

This describes the type of love we need to have toward one another. It is the type of love God our father has upon his children. He sees past what they have done and how naughty they have been. The only difference is the debt of his children was paid for by Jesus Christ. Therefore, he does not punish us as we deserve by shows loving kindness toward us,even though we have been disobedient to him.

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