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Julie and I have the wonderful privilege to raise Bryce and Chase. But that is a privilege given to us by God. God created our children and is allowing Julie and I to raise them. We get to keep them in our home for a time and then they are off into the world. But God created them; He is the one who formed them in the womb. We are caretakers of His children.

You are a child of God. A God who knew you before He even created you. Isn’t that amazing that God made YOU special. So why do we put more emphasis on getting to know man than getting to know God?

1. Man is real (Not that God isn’t but we don’t take the time to get to know God)

2. Man can do more for us, he can help us with our career and give us business (What a great scheme of the devil that one is)

3. I can get a quick response from man (Yes and it is usually the wrong response

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