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The singles group at the church I joined in 1978 was fascinated by Mike Warnke's book, The Satan Seller. He wrote about being drawn into Satanism, advancing through the ranks, getting saved, and the struggles he had with other Satanists and even demons after leaving them. It was interesting reading, until he described an impossible event.

He wrote that one night he suffered intense demonic opposition. Hour after hour, all through the night, he despaired of ever having peace again. Hour after hour his wife prayed for him. Then, as the day dawned, it suddenly ended. The demons were gone and he had peace.

Mike Warnke's wife said that after hours of prayer she suddenly remembered that she was supposed to "plead the blood." As soon as she said those words in prayer, the demons were gone and Mike had peace.

Nothing in scripture teaches that prayer is an incantation, say the right words and you get what you want, say the wrong words and God will ignore your request. Nothing in scripture suggests what Mike Warnke described was possible. Romans 8:26 says that when we do not know how to pray as we ought, the Spirit will intercede. If the right words were necessary, if Mike Warnke needed to "plead the blood" to have his prayer answered, if his wife needed to "plead the blood" to have her prayer answered, we can be sure the Holy Spirit would not forget the words.

Beyond that, Romans 8:26 says the Spirit will intercede with groanings which are unutterable. Have you ever reached the point in prayer where all you could say was, "O God... O God... O God...?" Maybe for you it was a different phrase or word, but do you know what I mean? Have you ever been praying and been deeply burdened by something you could not express? The Holy Spirit knows how to express those things which are unutterable.

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