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In 2000, we drove across the country from Maryland to California and back. On our return, we blew past this Great Big Cross along the highway in Texas. By the time we saw the exit, we had passed it and continued our journey home. The image of that great big cross stuck in my mind, I thought, if we ever go back that way again, I want to stop in.

Well, this year June/July 2011, we did a similar trip in reverse. Miles before we were at the exit, we saw this Great Cross in the horizon that was along the highway of Route 40 in Groom, Texas. And when we stopped, we were amazed. We met Steve Thomas, the engineer, builder and owner of this monument of faith, and we heard his incredible story of the ministry and power of the cross. Many see the cross and they are made to wonder of this enormous monument.

One statement made by my 9-year-old son as we came upon this monument has stuck in my heart and mind, it was a revelation of truth to me and this is what I learned from the mouth of a child. His statement was simply this: "Dad, that huge cross looks like a huge sword that God took from heaven and drove into the earth."

The Cross is God’s sword of judgment, salvation and victory.

(From a sermon by William Akehurst, God’s Sword, The Cross of Jesus Christ, 7/16/2011)

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