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Charles Spurgeon, the famed pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle in London made this observation in the late 1800’s when he came in contact with a community of small framed men.

"There was once in London a club of small men, whose qualification for membership lay in their not exceeding five feet in height; these men held, or pretended to hold, the opinion that they were nearer the perfection of manhood than others, for they argued that primeval men had been far more gigantic than the present race, and consequently the way of progress was to grow less and less, and the human race as it perfected itself would become as diminutive as themselves. Such a club of Christians might be established, and without any difficulty might attain to an enormously numerous membership; for the notion is common that our dwarfish Christianity is after all the standard, and many even imagine that nobler Christians are enthusiasts, fanatical and hot-blooded; while we are cool because we are wise, and indifferent because intelligent. We must get rid of this nonsense. The fact is, the most of us are vastly inferior to the early Christians..."

It is amazing to think that his observations are 140 years old! Not much has changed.

(From a sermon by Rev. John D. Jones, That Ye May Grow, 7/20/2011)

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