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False teachings abound whenever people do not know the truth. Many of our churches today do not teach the truth because many pastors do not know the Bible. In our seminaries, almost 50 percent of professors now teach that there was no virgin birth of Jesus, and that story was a myth given to us to "just make a point".

With the help of our mass media today, slick talkers are packaging their lies in some very convincing packages and selling it to tens of millions at one time. It is the largest wholesale misleading of people in the history of the world. And, it is imperative that we, as Christians, start paying attention to the truth of God in our world today.

A nationwide survey of church leaders by George Barna recently reported:

* * Only 53% of church leaders believe that moral truths are absolute

* * An amazing 43% of church leaders doubt the existence of the Holy Spirit

* * 33% of church leaders believe that Jesus never had a physical resurrection.

* * 27% of pastors have either never read the Bible all the way thru, or do not read it on a daily basis.

* * And, 19% of church leaders believe that Jesus sinned while alive.

These figures are among the church leadership. Now, if the church leaders...

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