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In the first week of July, 2011 reports of a discovery in poverty-filled South India crossed the news wire.

The vaults of the Padmanabhaswamy temple were opened after 130 years. Temple records mention the treasure, and its existence was known to locals. However, no one knew its true size.

The preliminary inventory of the temple treasure may have had King Solomon, the Knights Templar and Indiana Jones rolling their eyes in wonder: over a ton of gold, sacks of diamonds and precious stones; gold necklaces over three meters long and weighing over 2.5 kilograms, gold crowns, thousands of pieces of antique jewelry, idols, and artifacts studded with diamonds and emeralds.

Initial estimates placed the value of the treasure at $22 billion USD, which makes this little known temple the richest place of religion in the world. It easily displaces the Vatican, estimated to own about $15 billion in wealth, its nearest competitor.

Antique collectors' valuation of the find, to be confirmed by the Supreme Court, could be over $100 billion.

This staggering treasure had been basically forgotten.

While children in the region starved to death, this staggering mountain of riches sat gathering dust.

Let me tell you that we have a greater treasure than all the temples in India. Greater than all the treasure in every synagogue, temple, cathedral. Greater than all that sits in any vault on any continent.

If we will remember our God, His riches will be opened to us. If we are:

Hungry, He will feed us.

Naked, He will clothe us.

Without hope, He will rescue us.

Empty, Fill.

Lost, Find.

Troubled, Peace of mind.

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