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As I gave the opening prayer at Charlotte Motor Speedway to Honor 9/11, I met this man in a Fireman’s’ uniform with a New York accent. The Speedway had flown in three men who had been First Responders that day 10 years ago. This man gave me a chilling account of his day.

His firehouse was only a couple blocks from the World Trade Center. When the first plane hit they went immediately. They were told to stay in the lobby as the first fireman was killed by someone jumping from the upper floors. Then they could hear it. They could hear many, many more jumping and breaking the plexiglas that connected the two buildings.

Then the second plane hit and "All hell broke loose." That saying couldn't be more appropriate for the day. If the day had been cloudy with fog, the attacks would have never happened. But that day you could see for 100 miles. It was the perfect day to carry out a plan of evil.

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