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I love the story of a king that wanted to show his people how much he loved them.

So, he decided to pay for a great feast for his kingdom.

He decided to have a great meal and invite every family.

The king would provide all the meat, all the vegetables, all the desserts ...

everything, the king would provide all, but the wine.

The king asked every family to bring one bottle of their best wine.

He would see that there was a several thousand gallon vat for all to pour in their bottle of wine.

What a feast this would be! The King wanted to honor his people.

One poor farmer decided, he would slip in his bottle, nothing but water, no wine.

How would the king ever know his selfishness?

His one bottle of water mixed with thousands of bottles of wine would never be known.

The King would never know? The taste would still be good.

So the poor farmer climbed the stairs to the top of the vat and while no one was looking,

he poured in his bottle of wine, I mean his bottle of water in with the thousands of other

wine bottles.

No one saw him. He had fooled every one there.

He laughed, he got away cheap!

He sat down at the kings table ready for the feast.

The king was so proud, he honored his precious people.

He filled his plate with delicious food.

The King picked up his Royal Gold Chalice.

The king placed his chalice under the spout of the huge vat of wine.

The king looked into his chalice, and to his surprise ... it was...

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