3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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When Jerry’s mother died, the loss was almost unbearable. But Jerry was determined to be strong for the sake of her family. John, in fact, asked her how she could be holding up so well. It was the God on whom she relied that stabilized her in the midst of that turbulence.

While she was sitting at the funeral, in much the same way as you are doing here, Jerry felt her resolve begin to waver. She didn’t know whether she could hold on. The weight of her grief was overwhelming.

Then something happened. At just the moment when she needed it most, she felt a hand on her shoulder. It brought her such comfort, such consolation--she derived from it such support and strength--that she was able to push through the pain and remain centered and calm. She looked behind her to see who it was that had shown her such kindness: some intuitive friend, perhaps, or even a stranger. But, as she later told D, when she looked, no one was there!

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