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There is a story about a farmer who wanted to sell his mule so The put the add in the local paper. One day a man from another community came to the farm. The two farmers got to talking and eventually they got around to talking about the mule.

The farmer who wanted to buy the mule asked if the mule was a good worker. The reply was that the mule did a day's work. The next question that was asked is did the mule obey every command. The owner said yes. The farmer asked if they could hitch the mule up to see how he worked. The owner said no problem.

They got the mule into his harness and the farmer took the reigns and told the mule giddy-up. The mule just stood there. The farmer tried a couple of more times and still the mule didn’t move. He looked at the owner and said, "I thought you told me this mule obeys."

"He does," says the owner, who then picked up a 2x4 and walked to the front where he was facing the mule. He then hit the mule as hard as he could with the 2x4. He then walked back and said to the farmer, "Try again." The farmer did and the mule obeyed.

The owner said, "This mule always obeys, but you have got to get his attention first."

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