3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Our individual prayers have great power. But there is even more power when we come together as a church and pray in agreement. Now, we know that in human terms total agreement is impossible. No two people can be in complete agreement … much less a whole congregation of people.

But there is one area where we can come together in perfect agreement. True agreement in prayer comes when we all sincerely agree to pray for God’s will.

Through the years, I’ve often seen this principle at work in our congregation. As just one example --- many years ago, we started praying about taking on a major building project. We planned to build a classroom / office building that would be attached to the old sanctuary. We had some disagreement about what we should build, how we should raise the money, when we should start the project, and so on.

But the Elders unanimously agreed on one thing. We prayed in perfect agreement that God would direct the project --- we wanted Him to accomplish HIS will.

In the end we did what none of us had originally planned --- we built this new Worship Center --- completely separated from the old building. Little did we know that 2 years later we’d find out the other building was unsound and would have to be demolished. We didn’t know that --- but God did! As a church, we were able to pray in AGREEMENT. We prayed together for God’s Will, and He answered our prayers.

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