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I loved to watch Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, but I knew he would die young. You simply do not play with wild animals without sooner or later getting in trouble.

Steve survived countless snakebites; chased up a tree by a deadly komodo dragan; spat on by a red spitting cobra; pulled into the water by a massive crocodile.

On Sept, 4, 2006 he was filming a documentary on "The Ocean's Deadliest." The weather was bad, so they stopped filming for the day. Steve decided to do some work for a children's show that was to be hosted by his 8 year old daughter, Bindi.

Steve came across a 5 ft wide stingray and began to follow it. Stingrays are called the "pussycats of the sea" because of their docile nature. Steve got too close and the Stingrays poisonous barbed tail went into Irwin's chest and pierced his heart. He was only the 17th person in the world known to have been killed by a stingray.

Sin is like that - if we play around with it, lose our fear of it, even little harmless sin - we are going to get hurt! Never never lose your fear of sin - no matter how old you are; how experienced you are in turning from sin...Dread its deadly sway!

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