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I visited a blog that was selling some of these tree toppers and the variety astounded me:

Some were wintery decorations. Things like:

* Snowmen

* Ginger bread men

* Spires that looked like the steeples of a Russian church buildings.

Then, there were some peculiar decorations that still had a Christmas connection.

* I found a few that featured Elvis (Blue Christmas)

* And at least 3 Grinches (Grinch pic)

BUT perhaps the oddest tree toppers of all were:

* A "Peace" Sign

* Tinkerbell

* Glinda... the good witch from Wizard of Oz

* and (pause) YODA!

"Christmas will come, it will"

Now I have no idea what those last four decorations had to do with Christmas, but I do know that none of those decorations came even close to competingwith the top two choices for tree...

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