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The necessary safety equipment for river rafting and spiritual river rafting:

i. The Helmet – Helmets protect the most vital and vulnerable part on a person their head – their thinking!

1. Spiritually: We need to be wearing the helmet of salvation as we ride the wave of the spirit because the river is full of obstacles, rocks, river hydraulics, hot spots, whirlpools, and drop offs.

a. The helmet is placed on our head by the Lord to protect us on our river journey.

b. The Lord made it to fit our exact size head.

ii. Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

1. Life jackets – life preservers – breast plate of righteousness – wear it will keep you afloat in the water if you get knocked out of the raft.

2. Spiritually: Life jackets keep you from sinking as so does your righteousness. Your right standing with God.

iii. Rafting Clothing

1. In rafting you need to wear the right clothing to stay warm and dry.

2. Spiritually: In spiritual rafting the Shield of Faith or faith is what we are to wear so as to stay warm and comfortable in our long wet journey of life, it will protect us from the elements and keep us warm and secure.

iv. Sunscreen –To me this is the anointing from the Holy Spirit which keep us protected from those un-for-seen damaging ultra violet rays which can burn you .

1. The sun’s rays off the water do more damage than from above so you need sunscreen to protect your skin.

2. Spiritually: The anointing of the Holy Spirit protects you from the unseen elements of life and empowers you to move forward.

v. The oar represents - the Bible- the Sword of the Spirit

1. They give us the ability to direct the raft and to help maneuver it down the river of life.

2. Bit notice we only get one?

3. It only works in conjunction with other peoples oars.

vi. A patch kit

1. You need to carry a patch kit for your raft in case it gets a hole in it so you can fix it.

2. Spiritually: The patch of forgiveness is what all of us in the church should carry to patch any leaks in the raft.

vii. Pure drinking water – usually they recommend a water pack that you were.

1. You must bring good clean drinking water to prevent dehydration.

2. Spiritually: You need to have the Holy Spirit in you to stay hydrated.

a. If no spirit then you will dry up

viii. The safety rope

1. You need one to throw out to someone in need to pull them to safety if they get caught in a whirlpool or undertow.

2. Spiritually: Belt of truth is our safety rope to throw to those caught in whirlpools in the river, or rough water.

ix. Water Shoes

1. Protect your feet from getting cut up and helps protect them the elements.

2. It also helps your feet get better traction under the water.

3. Spiritually: The Gospel of peace is the covering we need to be able to keep our traction on the slippery rocks in the journey and we need it’s protection from sharp objects found under water. It’s essential to protect our feet in the journey so we can keep moving down stream to our destination.

x. The raft - is the church – He gave us this boat given to helps us float and manage the ride or the flow of the Holy Spirit.

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