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Author Anne Graham Lotz told a story in her book, "Heaven, My Father's House". It is the story of an old missionary named Samuel Morrison who had spent twenty five years doing ministry in Africa. He returned to America on the same ocean liner that brought President Teddy Roosevelt back from a hunting expedition in Africa. Upon docking, President Roosevelt was bombarded with scores of people welcoming him home from his hunting expedition. Barriers and police escorts were needed to keep the masses of people from rushing on the President and mobbing him or crushing him as he was welcomed with cheering, ticker tape and confetti. Morrison walked off the ship alone; no one noticed, no one even knew he was there. He couldn't even hail a cab for a ride.

In his heart Morrison complained to God. "The president was in Africa hunting for three weeks, killing animals for sport and the whole world turns out to welcome him home. I've given twenty-five years of my life in Africa, serving You and no one has greeted me or even knows I'm here."

In his questioning heart he heard the gentle, loving voice of God whisper to his spirit, "My child, you are not home yet!"

Point taken.

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