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When I was in seventh grade, like so many youth at that age, music became a huge part of my life. I was awakened to the sounds of music of Elton John’s Greatest Hits, SuperTramp's Breakfast in America and Led Zeppelin 2. So my hope and dream was to build a stereo system for my bedroom including a turntable, cassette player, receiver and a set of great speakers. I did my research and then turned in my list of components to my parents. When Christmas morning came, it was not what I expected. Instead of getting a pumping stereo system with high end components, which my parents later told me they couldn’t afford, they decided to get me an all-in-one stereo. This was not what I asked for, nor what I wanted. Boy, was I ever surprised.

Christmas can be full of the unexpected. You’re expecting one thing and then the unexpected shows up. That can happen during the Christmas season. The unexpected shows up unannounced and it can destroy the joy of this season for us.

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