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Mike Slaughter tells the story of going to Darfur, Africa to minister to the refugees. "It was the first time in my life I knew I was going into a situation with a probability I could die; a situation that was utterly dangerous. There were people with guns. We would be 1000 miles or more from a semi-safe haven. I'm 54 and I thought: I really believe this Jesus thing. Never in my life was I forced to say, "In following Jesus I am putting myself in a position where I might die."

Before I left, I organized some things. I put some items around my motorcycle that my son would find so he would know about the motorcycle. I headed off, saying to Jesus, 'If my life will bring greater fruit for your purpose in the world, here I am.'

And then he writes, 'There is nothing more transformational than when you come to that place where you say to Jesus, 'If it means my life for the sake of your work in the world, take it, God, for your purpose.' You're free at that place; and not only are you free, you have come to such a place of abundant adventure."

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