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* Thoughts produce acts, acts produce habits, and habits produce character.--Anonymous

* If we realize the extent to which we are mere walking bundles of habits, we would give more heed to their own formation.--William James*

* First we form habits, then they form us. Conquer your bad habits, or they'll eventually conquer you.--Dr. Rob Gilbert*

* You keep on doing it, and you try to stop, but you can't.--a six-year-old's definition of a habit

* Approximately 90 percent of what we do every day is governed by the habits in our lives.--Dr. Michael Mitchell, author of Building Strong Families*

* It is a hard thing to break through a habit and a yet harder thing to go contrary to our will. Yet if thou overcome not slight and easy obstacles, how shalt thou overcome greater ones? Withstand thy will at the beginning, and unlearn an evil habit, lest it lead thee little by little into worse difficulties.--Thomas à Kempis

* The Christian must see that bad habits are ultimately spiritual issues.--Erwin Lutzer

* Small habits, well pursued betimes / May reach the dignity of crimes.--Hannah Moore

* A bad habit takes twenty-one days to break; a good habit takes twenty-one days to make.

* Habits are the best of servants--and the worst of masters.--Anonymous

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