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When I was a boy, my Arkansas cousins moved to California for two years. When they moved back, they talked funny. Just living in California for two years influenced how they said "You guys" and how often they said it. I prefer "Y'all" to "You guys" any day. My cousins promised me they didn't try to talk funny, but living with those Californians rubbed off on them.

My wife can just talk to her sister on the phone and I notice a change in her accent. When she hears a New Mexican accent, I ask, "What accent is that?" She says, "That is no accent at all, unlike your Texan."

The same is true with the world's system and values. We, by sinful nature, pick up the values, principles and goals of our society much the same way. James spelled it out clearly in black and white, revealing again the sinfulness of just a minor adjustment in our lives created by the world system.

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