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James Bryan Smith begins this chapter of his book by telling a story about taking his six year old son to an amusement park. While at the park, he and his son got on a ride. A teenage boy buckled them into their seats and then started the ride. The entire time during the ride, James Bryan Smith felt a panic in his heart for fear that his son would fly out of the ride. He states:

"With white knuckles and gritted teeth I prayed the entire ninety seconds for the ride to end. I looked over at Jacob, who was laughing and having a great time (The Good and Beautiful God, pg 55)."

After the ride was over, he and his son sat down on a nearby park bench, and Smith asked his son, "Weren't you scared? That ride was pretty wild. Why did you get on a ride like that?"

His son answered with childlike honesty, "Because you did, Dad."

This is the kind of trust we should have in our Heavenly Father.

(From a sermon by Scott Walker, The Good and Beautiful God: God Is Trustworthy, 9/12/2011)

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