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There was a time during the American Civil War, when the rival armies were encamped on the opposite banks of the Potomac River, the Union's band played one of its patriotic tunes, and the Confederate musicians quickly struck up a melody dear to any Southerner's heart. Then one of the bands started to play "Home, Sweet Home." The musical competition ceased, and the musicians from the other army joined in. Soon voices from both sides of the river could be heard singing, "There is no place like home." In a similar way, (all those with Christ as head), in spite of many divisions, is bound together by that one strong link--we are all going home, and to the same home. We have a common destiny.

[(Michael P. Green. (2000). 1500 illustrations for biblical preaching (68). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.) From a sermon by Matthew Kratz, Hope that Stands in the Storm]

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