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Here are some thoughts on The Church from a few 30 on down in age, individuals from the book "The Relevant Church":


Tyler Watts, "I think I disconnect from the Gospel of Jesus Christ when I'm not involved in close relationships with other believers."

Philip Evans, "Every believer needs a 'church' even if it's just four or five of you meeting together to worship, I know my relationship with Christ would deteriorate if I didn't surround myself with people who encourage and challenge me in my faith."

James Bullock, "I love the diversity of church--so many different people saved from a range of pain, addictions, lifestyles--now all set free in a community together."

Andy Squyres, "When I hear the word 'church,' I think of the body of Christ in its fullness, without denominational or dogmatic boundaries, church in all its organic glory, shifting and growing, as all living things do."

Cory Passehl, "Church is not just a building or Sunday morning service, but a place where the Body of Christ comes together for encouragement, edification, challenging, rebuking. It's a place where people are cared for, a dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, and a place of worship."

Jendi Reiter, "Church is the one place where I am accepted 'as is.' Church gives me an understanding of human frailty and reminds me that we all need God's forgiveness-even me. Growing up as a reformed Jew, I was always pressed to achieve and compete. Then when I began attending a Christian Church in college, I discovered church could be a place of amazing refuge, acceptance, and salvation."

Robin Lemke, "I know that people say they don't need church, but anytime we gather together, God promises to be with us. What could be more enticing than God's presence? Why wouldn't we go where God promises to be?"

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