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A little girl went to the countryside on holiday. The cabin where she stayed was next to a grassy hillside on which sheep grazed. She had never seen sheep before. The girl could look from the front door of the cottage and see the sheep milling around on the slope of green. She exclaimed to her Dad, "Dad! Sheep are so white! They are like fluffy clouds of white on a sky of green."

That night, while the little girl slept, a snow storm dumped a foot of snow of the hillside. When the girl woke she looked towards the sheep on the hillside laden with pure fallen snow. The girl said, "Yesterday those sheep looked like fluffy white clouds but today look how dirty they are."

Against the green of the field the sheep were brilliant white, just as we are when compared to others, but against the pure driven snow of God's perfect standard they seemed an almost dirty brown.

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