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A student is taking a class in ornithology, the study of birds, and it’s a very difficult class with a very ornery professor. He walks in for the final, and he thinks he’s studied up for it, but there’s no paper and pencil questions, no little blue books. He looks above the chalkboard and there are twenty-five pictures of birds, but only of their feet, just the feet of the birds. The professor says, “Here’s your final. You must identify twenty-five species of birds just by their feet.”

Well, the kid just goes ballistic. He says, “This is crazy! Nobody in their right minds can do this. I thought I was prepared, but I can’t pass this final. I’m not going to take it.” The professor looks at him, “You have to take it. I’m the faculty person. I decide what the final’s going to be. You have to take it.” The kid says, “Well,...

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