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Nathan Barlow was a missionary Doctor to Ethiopia. He served there for over 60 years primarily helping people with an affliction called Mossy Foot. This caused swelling and ulcers in the feet and lower legs and caused people to become social outcasts. When Nathan’s health began to fail his daughter brought him home to America. He couldn’t handle it in the states because the people he still loved were in Ethiopia. His daughter flew him back there to spend his last days. Once while on the mission field Nathan got a toothache and had to leave. He decided he would never leave the mission field for the sake of his teeth again and had all of them pulled out and false ones put in. He didn’t want God’s work to ever be slowed down in Ethiopia again.

When it comes to your life story how will your faithfulness be written.

From a sermon by Guy McGraw, Does God Care About Money? 5/20/2012

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