3-Week Series: Double Blessing

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Bob Harrington tells of a man who came to his pastor one day and asked if he remembered hearing about the man who had died down at the plant that week? He said the man had had steel spilt on him and was dying there on the plant floor. The man was calling out, "Won't someone help me." He said, "We tried blankets and fire extinguishers, and everything we could think of to help the man. Finally he said, "Won't someone tell me about Jesus? You can't help me. I'm dying. Won't someone tell me about Jesus?"

The pastor said, "Well, why didn't you tell him about Jesus? Why didn't you tell him how to be saved? You're a faithful member here. You're a leader in the church, why didn't you tell him how to be saved?"

Because the life I had lived in front of that man, I closed my mouth to that man when he needed me most.

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