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"Your sins have been your downfall", is where the tar starts sticking to the tyres. Most people generally don’t like the whole “s” word thing.

For some reason there is an issue with the human brain that tells us to kick up stink when we are having a good time, a pleasurable time and someone, some higher than thou individual tells us that we are sinning, how dare they?

Usually though the person pointing the sin out, understands the danger of this sticky black tar sin, because they have sinned themselves and have a fair idea of what constitutes sin. Not just that, but they understand that freedom from sin is a better place to be than with the tar of sin sticking to your tyres. Clean tyres, sin free tyres actually adhere better to the road of life and life is easier to control, clean tyres corner better and they stop before hazards, in fact the journey is just better, the grip on the road of life is sound and driver confidence is assured.

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