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Ten Tests of Abraham according to Maimonides:

1. God tells him to leave his homeland to be a stranger in the land of Canaan. (12.1)

2. Immediately after his arrival in the Promised Land, he encounters a famine. (12.10)

3. The Egyptians capture his beloved wife, Sarah, and bring her to Pharaoh. (12.15)

4. Abraham faces incredible odds in the battle of the four and five kings. (14.14)

5. He marries Hagar after not being able to have children with Sarah. (16.13)

6. God tells him to circumcise himself at an advanced age. (17.24)

7. The king of Gerar captures Sarah, intending to take her for himself. (20.2)

8. God tells him to send Hagar away after having a child with her. (21.12)

9. His son, Ishmael, becomes estranged. (21.12 – reflected in the command)

10. God tells him to sacrifice his dear son Isaac upon an altar. (22.2)

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